There is no need to buy expensive IP hiding programs nor filter through thousands of proxies when you have TOR. TOR (Onion rooter) works similar to p2p sharing. However instead of sharing files, you are directing data packets from one computer to another. If you were to examine these packets of data at any point you would not be able to tell where it came from and where its going. This might sound complicated but in reality TOR has been made very easy to use.

Download the most recent stable version and install it. Launch TOR and make sure privoxy is running as well. Then install a TOR Button for your FireFox browser. After restarting the browser double click the red “Tor disabled” button at the bottom of FireFox so that it turns green and you are ready to go.

Check your IP address here. It should now be different. You can always change your identity again by opening tor and requesting a new one.

The best thing about TOR is its usability. Any kind of program that uses proxies can go via TOR and stay anonymous. Whether you are using some kind of a social submitter simply put as a proxy whenever the program asks you to. Happy anonymous browsing!


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