Supervising HDFS with Zabbix

As many, we're using a Zabbix framework and an Apache HDFS environment. For obvious reasons, we need to observe what is going on under the hood while we making tests, and to supervise it when we're going in production. We've spend couples of days to look for existing templates or solutions but nothing have been found. So we have decided to write our own. We'll published the whole package including HDFS and Hbase soon on Github, but in the meantime, if you are interested to look or use our "POC" scripts, you can download it here. It's really straight forward, it's python scripts reading the json outpout from the jmx URL. For the moment, HDFS, HBase and Zookeeper are in roadmap. If you're interested by something else, just ask.. we never know. :)

Hadoop 2.7.1 Native libs compiled for ARM


we've compile native libs for hadoop 2.7.1 on ARM CPU for our lab's purposes. More specifically on BananaPI 3.4.108-bananian ARMv7L using java jdk-7u60-linux-arm-vfp-hflt. If you need it, we share the compiled native libs here :


You have just to put/replace these files on your hadoop/lib/native directory. And don't forget to set the environment variable :