Staying anonymous with TOR

There is no need to buy expensive IP hiding programs nor filter through thousands of proxies when you have TOR. TOR (Onion rooter) works similar to p2p sharing. However instead of sharing files, you are directing data packets from...
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Supervising HDFS with Zabbix

As many, we're using a Zabbix framework and an Apache HDFS environment. For obvious reasons, we need to observe what is going on under the hood while we making tests, and to supervise it when we're going in production....
Hi, we've compile native libs for hadoop 2.7.1 on ARM CPU for our lab's purposes. More specifically on BananaPI 3.4.108-bananian ARMv7L using java jdk-7u60-linux-arm-vfp-hflt. If you need it, we share the compiled native libs here : You have just to put/replace...